Enjoyment by Weblance team in North Country Mall

Team Weblance

Team Weblance at North Country Mall

On the day of Independence 15 august,Our team of Weblance decided to visit to North Country Mall in Mohali.We had a plan to see ‘Singham Returns’ there.I was very excited to see the movie.The show timing was 10:30 a.m.I woke up at 9 a.m then I got ready for mall. We all reached there at about 10:20 a.m.First of all we saw the movie.It was very nice movie. The whole movie was full of action.We enjoyed it very much.

After this, we saw the whole mall but didn’t buy anything.The mall was beautifully decorated with balloons.Then,we all have a photo shoot there.We enjoyed our photo shoot very much.Everyone was looking so happy because we all went there for the first time together.There we saw a funny type of live show in which the anchor was giving tasks to the audience and everybody was enjoying this.Some people were singing and some were dancing.Everybody was enjoying their tasks.Gifts were also distributed to the winners.We had a lot of fun there.

Then we saw kids zone in which we played games like small kids.There were so many kids with their parents who were enjoying their rides.Then we went out from there.After that we planned to go to Dominos but we were feeling very tired. That’s the reason we cancelled our plan and decided to go back to home.We reached home at about 4 p.m.Seriously,we all had a great time together..


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