Astrology and Horoscope

Astrology is the study of position of stars and movement of planets and their impact on your lives and on your behavior. Astrologers always tend to examine your future on the basis of these stars and planets. There is a widespread belief in Astrology all over the world. Astrology is commonly used in matters concerning marriage, carrier, love, relationship, health and financial issues etc. In previous time, Astrology and Astronomy treated as same but today they are taking as different fields with their different meanings.


On the Basis of Birth dates of a person there are 12 astrological signs:

Aries (March 21 – April 20), Taurus(April21-May21), Gemini(May22-June21), Cancer(June22-July22), Leo(July23-August22), Virgo(August23-September23), Libra(September24-October22), Scorpio(October23-November22), Sagittarius(November23-December22), Capricorn(December23-Janauary20), Aquarius(Janauary21-February19), Pisces(February20-March20).

Horoscope is the representation of position of stars, planets, moon through charts or angles. Other commonly used names for Horoscope are Astrological chart, Astro chart, Natal chart, Radical chart etc. By studying these charts or angles, Astrologers predict future of persons.

Astrology and horoscope have their own importance because almost everyone is suffering from any kind of problems .From the ancient time people always preferred Astrology and Horoscope as a way of solving their problems. They had a belief that every single problem could be solved by the help of Astrology.

The people of India and China put great emphasis in Astrology even today. They practice the art of Astrology in their daily lives and make their decisions on the basis of this science. Astrology is also taken as a form of entertainment. Horoscope on the basis of birth date is published in almost every newspaper and magazine like- Horoscope for the people born on 2nd October, Astrology of the people born in the month of January. People who have faith in destiny always looks for their Astrological prediction. Today, many online services related to Astrology and Horoscope are being provided to us. We can ask our questions and get our results online. That’s the reason why Astrology is up to mark among these days.


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