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VIRGO  Zodiac Sign Virgo – People born between August 22 and September 22

“VIRGO” Correspondence should be your thing, Virgo, however that doesn’t mean it comes simple. On the ninth the Moon will be full in your restricting indication of Pisces and its going to be hard for you to hang on in the connections that have been dragging you down, which could be a decent, but exceptionally obnoxious thing. You’ve got to evaluate the barely recognizable difference between being strategic, versus a weakling, and being immediate versus absolute cutty. Here’s some truth to live by: you’re permitted to fuck up, and your fuck ups don’t need to characterize you. Simply don’t guard the doltish things you say or do out of pride, my companion. Be modest in the event that you venture outside the alloted boundaries and expect the same from others. Your relationship(s) need to change, and whether that implies they’ll…

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