Sophia Love – Thy Will Be Done – 10 February 2015

Lucas 2012 Infos


There is melancholy to this day; not sadness, but quiet contemplation.  The prisoners are waking up, wondering why there are bars.  We don’t seem angry, just finished.  Its early morning, not yet 9:00 AM.  I’ve been 3 places so far today, and in each there was a hush, almost self-absorption.  This song was playing in the coffee shop as I entered…followed by this one… Perfect.

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Yellow Taxi Cab Service In New York City

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new york city taxi cab yellow blurIn New York City, the first taxi cab company is establishing. The name of the company is Samuel’s Electric Carriage ad Wagon Company. And the 1st taxi vehicle is electric hansom cabs. There are 12 electric hansom cabs in the year 1897. This company providing his service until 1898. And at that time they run 62 cabs in the city. Then this company made a new type of cab. This cab is called Electorate electric car. They launch 100 taxi cabs all over the city.

There are many yellow taxi cab service around the city, but the original yellow taxi cab company is EWR Taxi Service. EWR Taxi Service is providing this service for many years. So our yellow taxi cab service is trustworthy. The customers never complaint in these years. Customers trust on our company. And appreciate on service.
The New York yellow taxi cab service is widely distributed over the city. They can pick or drop anywhere around the country. All documents complete for our taxi cab. We have completed all requirements according to the taxi law of the country. We have radio in our yellow taxi cab and our head office traces his taxi every time. newark airport cab serviceAnd update taxi’s positions. You can call on 866-546-6020 for book our yellow taxi cab.
EWR Taxi Service is also providing our yellow taxi cab service for group transportation and event. If anybody have special occasions and they want transport, so they can book our yellow taxi cab. We are also providing big vehicles like limousine and mini bus. And our company are also providing driver for personal vehicles. They are experienced and trustworthy.
In these days, there are many taxi services in the city like yellow and green taxi service.  In New York yellow taxi cab service is best and safe for the passenger. You can contact us on 866-546-6020. We are available any time 24*7.

By Me for You? But Y?

creative Art

By Me for You? But Y?gaurav
Neither I God,
Nor I devil,
I am man ,
Always thinks about myself style.
For my life style try to search new ethic.
To achieve best quality of qualification on
done my creativeness.
Total Words-:  51
I Can’t Use some Words-: And, is, a, an, the, Name, age, art, Hobbits
Unique Content-: 100 %
1 2

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Facing the Fear

30 Dates Blog - A Dating Blog


As you’ll have noticed from the slight dip in regular posts, apologies – November has been an extremely busy month!

In April this year, I took probably the biggest gamble of my life so far.   I saw a gap in an industry, and decided I would try to fill it.

I’m talking about the UK Dating Awards – a project which dominated the last six months of my life, and which saw me living off 4 hours sleep most nights in October and November.


I’m not an events planner. I’ve never been an entrepreneur. I’ve never worked in marketing, or PR.

Until June of this year, I worked in finance.

But back in April I had an idea. One which I believed could work. One which I believed could change online dating dramatically in the UK. Something which could affect the way single Brits date, and seek out dating advice…

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Astrological Zodiac signs

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VIRGO  Zodiac Sign Virgo – People born between August 22 and September 22

“VIRGO” Correspondence should be your thing, Virgo, however that doesn’t mean it comes simple. On the ninth the Moon will be full in your restricting indication of Pisces and its going to be hard for you to hang on in the connections that have been dragging you down, which could be a decent, but exceptionally obnoxious thing. You’ve got to evaluate the barely recognizable difference between being strategic, versus a weakling, and being immediate versus absolute cutty. Here’s some truth to live by: you’re permitted to fuck up, and your fuck ups don’t need to characterize you. Simply don’t guard the doltish things you say or do out of pride, my companion. Be modest in the event that you venture outside the alloted boundaries and expect the same from others. Your relationship(s) need to change, and whether that implies they’ll…

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Interesting Facts About Planets In Astrology


For centuries, people have relied completely on stars to know about their present and future happenings. Astrological magic has now become a close part of our heritage. It’s an excellent way to realize our destiny and remove undesirable blockages. Astrology defines that every zodiac sign is ruled by some planet and its energy influences the characteristics of zodiac signs. Check out which planet is ruling over your sign.


The Sun is considered as a bright star and zodiacal Planetof Leo in astrology. Sun is an integral object where complete astrology revolves around it. It symbolizes strength, maturity, and wisdom.



The Moon is a zodiacal planet of cancer and an object having greatest affinity.It symbolizes care and love just like mother-child relationship.



Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo. A planet showing critical thinking and communication, enable us to become aware for our surroundings.


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